Harvard Classics

Poems, by Christina Georgina Rossetti

So beautiful that many painters sought her for a model - Christina Rossetti, sister of the famous poet, Dante Rossetti, combined with her unusual beauty a rare poetic sense. (Volume 42, Harvard Classics)

Christina Georgina Rossetti born Dec. 5, 1830.

Introductory Note: Christina Georgina Rossetti

Introductory note on Christina Georgina Rossetti (The Ridpath Library of Universal Literature)

Introductory Note: Virgil

Introductory note on Virgil (Volume 13, Harvard Classics)

The Æneid (Book IV), by Virgil

Æneas and Dido, world-famous lovers, while hunting in the forest, were trapped in a cave by a furious storm. There the marriage between the proud African queen and the homeless wanderer was completed. (Volume 13, Harvard Classics)

The Birth of the Buddha

After three awesome messengers have issued three warnings, the gods of ten thousand worlds decide who is to be the new Buddha. Then the parents, the conception, the birth of the god-child demand constant vigilance. (Volume 45, Harvard Classics)

Introductory Note: The Buddha

Introductory note on The Buddha (Volume 45, Harvard Classics)

Introductory Note: Sir Thomas Malory

Introductory note on Sir Thomas Malory (Volume 35, Harvard classics)

The Holy Grail (Book XIII), by Sir Thomas Malory

Attacked in fun by two masked knights, Sir Galahad smote one so that both horse and rider went down. Turning on the other jester, he slashed open his helmet. (Volume 35, Harvard Classics)

Introductory Note: George Berkeley

Introductory note on George Berkeley (Volume 37, Harvard classics)

Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous (The First Dialogue), by George Berkeley

Offhand we say a skeptic is one who doubts everything. But does he? And are his doubts caused by too much learning, or too little? Berkeley presents both sides of skepticism. (Volume 37, Harvard Classics)

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