Harvard Classics

Introductory Note: Edmund Burke

Introductory note on Edmund Burke (Volume 24, Harvard Classics)

A Philosophical Inquiry (On Taste), by Edmund Burke

A Turkish sultan, relates Burke, when shown a picture of the beheaded John the Baptist, praised many things, but pointed out one gruesome defect. Did this observation show the sultan to be an inferior judge of art? (Volume 24, Harvard Classics)

Edmund Burke born Jan. 12, 1729.

Introductory Note: Alexander Hamilton

Introductory note on Alexander Hamilton (The Ridpath Library of Universal Literature)

The Federalist Papers (No. 1 & 2), by Alexander Hamilton, etc.

Hamilton organized the Treasury Department. He penned most of the Federalist papers, which were greatly influential in bringing New York into the Union --- the first step toward its eminent position in national and world finance. (Volume 43, Harvard Classics)

Alexander Hamilton born Jan. 11, 1757.

Introductory Note: Euripides

Introductory note on Euripides (Volume 8, Harvard Classics)

The Bacchæ (Part I), by Euripides

King Pantheus of Thebes contended against Dionysus, the God, for the adoration of the Theban women. The god was winning by bewitching the women when the king interceded. Euripides tells the story in a masterpiece of Greek drama. (Volume 8, Harvard Classics)

Introductory Note: Sir Francis Drake

Introductory note on Sir Francis Drake (Volume 33, Harvard Classics)

Sir Francis Drake Revived

With only fifty-two men, Sir Francis Drake conceives the idea of attacking his archenemy, Spain, at her most vulnerable point the treasure at Nombre de Dios. (Volume 33, Harvard Classics)

Drake died at Nombre de Dios, Jan. 9, 1596.

Introductory Note: The Book of Job

Introductory note on The Book of Job (Volume 44, Harvard Classics)

The Book of Job (Ch. 1-10)

God was pleased with the piety of Job, but Satan accredited the piety to Job's prosperity and happiness. So a trial was made. See how each succeeding affliction visited on Job shook the depths of his nature, and how he survived. (Volume 44, Harvard Classics)

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